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You may want to send a birthday wish to someone you work with, someone you work for or someone who works for you, now you can! These work business birthday messages are great for all those kinds of occasions and more. Let someone in your team know that you'd like them to have a great birthday and send them one of these work business birthday quotes. There are many different kinds of work business birthday wishes so you'll find one that suits the right person in your office or warehouse, depending on where you work with them and in what capacity.

Work Business Birthday Messages

  • Someone people have noticed that you are one of the most exciting and vibrant workers here. To celebrate your birthday, the powers that be have ordered...a drug test, just for you.

  • A birthday is the perfect opportunity to think about your future, grab hold of your present, and bask in the glory of your past. May your birthday be above and beyond your most wonderful dreams! Happy Birthday!

  • It's terrific to have someone like you on our team. May your birthday celebration be super and start your year right, So that you will have many more opportunities for wonderful days and nights! Happy Birthday

  • The rumor mill is going strong because of a little something I slipped...So, all of those smiles weren't actually just for wishing you a happy birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • In honor of your birthday, Dear Manager, our team has decided it should be party time! We'll go out an party while you stay here and handle our deadlines!

  • Dear Boss, it's your birthday!....The group that is responsible for making retirement sound like hitting the lottery wish to tell you Happy Birthday!

  • It's your birthday again and the work flow is progressing very nicely around here. For your birthday next year, we would like to see the cash flow progress as well! Happy Birthday

  • You are so much more than just a great co-worker. You're our perfect go-to person for gobs of goodies! Happy Birthday

  • Being with you is just so cool...that's why I totally enjoy having you as a co-worker. Happy Birthday

  • We wanted to do something really extraordinary for your birthday, so we took your birthday money and played the lottery. We hope you really like this card and this non-winning ticket.

  • May your birthday bring you a year that's full of blessings, wonderful times, and amazing health!

  • Partying on your birthday is fine if you it's the weekend. But, yours is on a weekday so don't be stupid and try to come to work the next day...get your partying in and then call out! Happy Birthday. |

  • Seems like every birthday, you just can't get away from "Father Time". It's a shame it's "Father Time" instead of "Father Fun and Fortune"!

  • Exercise is important. So, I was going to buy you a piece of equipment that you could really get a lot out of. Then, I thought about it and realized that in order to get a lot out of it, you would have to put a lot into it. Who wants to do that?

  • Birthday wishes to the person that brings an instant happiness to a room. It's like that adrenaline rush you get after downing an energy drink!

  • IM everyone you know, text your best buds, and spend your day coffee-breaking. Corporate rules are good, but not as good as when employees rule! Celebrate your birthday anyway you want!

Celebrate birthdays in the workplace with our collection of professional birthday messages for work business. From formal and professional wishes to friendly and lighthearted notes, find the perfect words to acknowledge and celebrate your colleagues' birthdays. Show your appreciation and make their day special with our carefully curated birthday messages for business. Explore our selection at and foster a positive and supportive work environment.

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