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Sweet and Memorable First Birthday Messages - Celebrate Your Baby's Milestone

For anyone who has had kids, their first birthday may be a little uneventful for them but it's a really exciting time for you! When your friend or family members baby has their 1st birthday you may not have a clue what to say! This is why we bring you this collection of 1st birthday messages so you can spread the cheer. 1st birthday quotes can also be used in this selection to let them know when they're older how their 1st birthday made you feel. First birthday wishes will be treasured by the child in years to come, as well as the parents.

First Birthday Messages

  • A birthday for baby as the little one turns 1. There's so much to celebrate, so, let's all have a ton of fun! Happy Birthday!

  • A cutie patootie who's as bright as the sun. That's our favorite little number 1! Happy First Birthday!

  • An incredible little someone. That's who you are. You're the most one-derful 1-year-old by far! Happy Birthday!

  • Baby Girl, you're the most precious little thing that I ever did hold. Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

  • Blow out your candle and eat your ice cream. I hope that your first birthday is better than your nicest dream! Happy Birthday!

  • Doggies will bark with sweet little "yips"...Fishies will swim with their shaky hips...Horses will smile as they give out a "neigh"...They'll all sing "Happy 1st Birthday" to you today!

  • Down on the farm the animals are rehearsing their quacks and neigh. It's time for them to sing a special "Happy Birthday To You" today! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Get ready to eat something sweet today. It's your birthday, so ice cream and cake are coming your way! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • God's blessings for a special birthday just for you today. You're 1-year-old and that's amazing in its own little way! Happy Birthday!

  • Grandson, you're the super 1. You're the fabulous 1! You're the great 1! You're also the cute 1! Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

  • Happy 1st Birthday! You are like honey...super sweet. You are like a teddy bear...super huggable. One-year-old those are wonderful things that make you so lovable!

  • Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you. Happy, happy, happy, happy day for you. You are totally a big ball of fun. Happy Birthday To You, Sweet Little One!

  • Hope the fun from your birthday lasts and lasts and lasts! Happy First Birthday!

  • How would you like a tiny puppy kiss today? You're one and that's how he would say, "Happy 1st Birthday To You, Today!"

  • I hope your birthday is a happy day and that you get lots of gifts that you can play! Happy 1st Birthday! Have a blast!!

  • If Mother Goose knew about you a nursery rhyme she would make. But, since she doesn't I'm going to write one for you, of course it will have ice cream and cake! Happy First Birthday!

  • If you only knew the preparation your parents went through as they were waiting to become the parents of you. They decked everything and tied everything and made things super special too, and now that you're turning one,

  • It's a blessing to have a precious 1-year-old like you in my life. I hope that you have the best birthday ever!

  • It's been 365 days since you were born. WOW! AMAZING! Very, very cool! Happy First Birthday!

  • It's super fun when you become 1! Happy Birthday To You!

  • It's your birthday, One-year-old. It's time for fun, so grab a hold! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Love you....a WHOLE LOT! Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

  • May your birthday be gentle and colored with love. May you enjoy your day with angels watching from above. Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Nobody can keep a one-year-old still. They bounce around, playing, and doing what they will. They're fabulous little people that make you smile all day. Happy Birthday, 1-year-old, in the most fun kind of way!

  • OOOOoooo. I could just give you a big squeeze! Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

  • On your cake there will be, a single candle for you to see. Blow it out and make a wish and I will give you a great big kiss! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Star light, star bright...You are a sweet little tike! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Sweeter than your own birthday cake. Sweeter than those kisses I love to take. Sweeter than the ice cream that gets super cold. You're a real life sweetie, Miss 1-year-old! Happy Birthday!

  • The stars are twinkling just for you because they know that you are a star, too. Happy First Birthday!

  • There's a great big day just waiting for you. Happy 1st Birthday to a little one that's just so cute

  • There's almost nothing sweeter than a huggable one-year-old. Those puffy cheeks, that little smile, and those wiggly little toes. So, happy birthday honey, a whole year you have done, and now it's time to celebrate the day you're turning one!

  • This is a year of many first things, from eating to walking, and lots in between. However, the most exciting first that you will have today is when all those gifts and birthday songs are sent your way! Happy 1st Birthday!

  • To a One-derful Baby! Those adorable feet and that cute little nose....those pretty eyes and those twinkle toes...Those soft little hands and that sweet little smile and every birthday wish for a perfect little child!

  • What's that I spy floating around in the sea? It's a special birthday gift for a one-derful baby. Happy 1st Birthday!

  • You are ONE Cutie Patootie! Happy Birthday!

  • You can get away with lots of stuff today. So, have fun! You can do it today because you're turning 1! Happy Birthday!

  • You don't even know what you mean to me. Your smile, your little giggles just make me so happy. Today, you are 1 and it's a special day too. Happy Birthday To Amazing Little You!

  • You have accomplished so much in one little year. Today we are celebrating and we'll give you a cheer! Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

  • You're a funny little one-year-old and I ain't LION. Happy Birthday!

  • You're a scene stealer, magnificent 1! You're a shining star that's as bright as the sun! You're cute, huggable, and sweet as can be. You're super one-derful and that's plain to see! Happy Birthday!

  • You're one year old and cute as can be. Happy 1st Birthday To You, Sweetie!

  • You're the 1 today! It's your birthday. Enjoy it big time!

  • Your whole body is growing each and every day. You're absolutely special in every single way. So, I'm sending birthday wishes and singing, "Happy first Birthday". I know you're a busy 1-year-old, and you're sure to have fun all day!

Celebrate your baby's first birthday with our collection of sweet and memorable first birthday messages. From heartfelt and joyous wishes to adorable and playful notes, find the perfect words to honor and celebrate this important milestone in your little one's life. Show your love and excitement with our carefully crafted first birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make this first birthday a truly memorable and special occasion.

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