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Some people are close to their nieces and others not so much but it doesn't matter when it comes to her birthday, it's always nice to let her know you care. Whether you're handing over a gift in person or posting on her Facebook wall, you'll find the right words with these happy birthday messages for niece. With this collection, you can find the right words that will mean a lot when choosing happy birthday quotes for niece. Maybe you want to make her smile, make her think or let her know she's well thought of we have you covered with these birthday wishes for niece.

Birthday Messages For Niece

  • Your Life In Letters: Adorable, beautiful, crazy, doting, exceptional, fancy, good, healthy, intelligent, jovial, kissable, loyal, magnificent, nice, outrageously sweet, pensive, queen-like, rare, sentimental, too cute, upper shelf, very unique, wise, x-actly like you should be, young, and z-best! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • I hope that you have a happy birthday, Niece! May it be topped with everything marvelous!

  • The love that you show to others really comes through in how you give of yourself, the smiles that light up your face, and the kindness that lights up others hearts. Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • You're the most awesome niece in the whole galaxy. That way, we have every planet covered! Happy Birthday!

  • We all talk about you, Niece. We can't help it! You are just so sweet, so kind, so special, and in all honesty, just so you! We love you! Happy Birthday

  • My hope is that your birthday is the most enchanting day ever! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • Your special day deserves some extra special fun! Enjoy!

  • May your birthday be serene, enjoyable, and completely the way that you want it! Happy Birthday!

  • What do you think makes you YOU? I think it's your sweet nature and the way that you care so much about others. I think it's your smile and your infectious laugh. Actually, you being you is one of the best things you could have ever been!! Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • You have a new year before you that begins on your birthday. It's a new year of opportunities and wonderful things that will come your way. Birthday wishes to you, Niece!

  • If I gave you a candle for all of your great qualities and for all that you do, we would need a busload of cakes just to hold all of those candles! Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • Ice cream wishes and frosting cake dreams for a birthday that's happy and full of great things! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be as super cute as you! Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • I am sending birthday wishes for a life of joy and love. Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • You have grown into such a magnificent woman. I can't even tell you how proud I am! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • My birthday wish for you is a day full of everything that's happy and just for you! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • A sun shiny, super happy you!!!

  • May God's grace surround you, direct you, and help you to live your life according to His will on your birthday and everyday! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • My birthday wishes for you are simple and true. I wish you excitement, adventure, and great times. I wish you a day just for you! Happy Birthday!

  • My wishes for you are for a lifetime of shiny days, a sky that beams in so many ways. My wishes for you include a lot of hugs and smiles. You're a special niece and an even more unique child! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • May you continue to bring beauty and grace to each and every day. May you continue to bring a happy and jovial spirit, too. May you continue to share birthday after birthday with your friends and family, because we will never forget to celebrate YOU! Happy Birthday!

  • Have you ever wished upon a star? You should try it. You may get the surprise of your life! Birthday Wishes To You!

  • Every family has their own nieces, but we have the best one ever. They wish theirs was funny and sweet and kind, but theirs cannot be just like, no, NEVER! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • This card is packed with love, kisses, and loads of hugs. It's be prepared just for you, and it's been packaged nice and snug. Open it and experience all that it has to say. Be prepared for birthday wishes to fill your special day!

  • You deserve diamonds. You deserve pearls. You deserve someone to cheer you and say, Happy Birthday, Girl!

  • I hope that your birthday is a happy go lucky, full of merry, get up and cheer good day! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • You're a sweetie, so lovely, and quite a young lady. You're a smart one, so happy, and you've been that way since you were a baby. I know because I changed your diapers! happy Birthday, Niece!

  • If I had to define a niece, it would be someone who shows they care. It would be someone that's always doing their best to help and to be there. It's someone who smiles a lot and is very respectful. It would have to be you, Niece, because you are so incredible! Happy Birthday!

  • The pride that we have in our hearts for you bubbles over because of your kindness and the love that you show to everyone. You are very special and we love you dearly. Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • I hope that your birthday is filled with the same great feeling that I get when I think of you, Niece! May it be a day of wonder and joy! Happy Birthday!

  • When you see people smiling at you, don't think they're weird or anything. Your inner beauty shines through so much that it just makes people notice and smile! Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Niece

  • For you, Niece...the sky's the limit! Happy Birthday!

  • A special little fairy once told me a tale about a little niece I have that I love and know well. That special little fairy told me such good things. It's true! She told me about my special niece, and that special niece is you! Happy Birthday!

  • You make the world around you shine bright because of the beautiful light that you have inside. Today, we will celebrate you and that light...and the effect that it has on everyone you meet! You're amazing! Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • God has so many things planned for your life. Each day brings its own promises of hope and happiness. Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • You're the type of niece that is over the top, above the rest, head of the class, and A #1! Happy Birthday!

  • You deserve the best, most marvelous birthday! You know why? Because I said so! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • Birthday wishes are sometimes like leaves that the wind just carries along. May you catch them all and hold on to them on your birthday and all the year long! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • I have been so blessed to have you for my niece. You are an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman, and I have grown more and more proud of you everyday! Happy Birthday

  • No doubt, other people have nieces. But, I am confident that none of them are any where as great as mine! Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • You have the gift of making others happy. Today, we wish that same happiness for you! Happy Birthday, Niece

  • Everybody won't be as wonderful as you and I are, Niece....not even the our family. Just smile if you agree! Happy Birthday!

  • I just want you to get all of the stuff that you want for your birthday. Niece, I'm going to wish it and you do the same! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be a present to you that is overflowing with wonderful things! Happy Birthday, Niece

Celebrate your niece's birthday with our loving collection of birthday messages for niece. From heartfelt and affectionate wishes to playful and fun notes, find the perfect words to honor and celebrate the special bond you share with your niece on her special day. Show your love and support for her with our carefully curated birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make her birthday celebration extra special.

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