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Fun and Memorable 4th Birthday Messages - Celebrate Your Child's Growing Personality

This great collection of 4th birthday messages is sure to put a smile on the face of any 4 year old who is having a birthday! Whether you prefer cute and girly or funny and full of energy, there's 4th birthday quotes to cover all aspects you'd like to see in your message. 4th birthday wishes can be rated so you can see the ones that other people have liked and you can select your favorite ones for later if you're not sure which one you want to choose, want to post it on social media? That's not a problem either!

4th Birthday Messages

  • Mermaids and starfish float through the beautiful flowing sea to celebrate the birthday of a 4-year-old that's super special to me! Happy Birthday!

  • You are 4 and 4 is fun. Let's celebrate with ice cream and cake. Let's have a party that's everyone will adore because you are amazing number 4!

  • Today is your day. It's all about you. I can't wait to see how many cool things a 4-year-old can do! Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday should be an awesome day that's full of silly surprises. It should be a day of happiness, wacky hats, and weird disguises. A 4-year-old's birthday should be totally cool and better than ever before, because today is your birthday and you deserve all things fun and even more!

  • Did you know that you get a whole year to be 4?! So, have a ball and do everything that's fun, silly, and super cool!

  • Nobody should "bug" you on your birthday. That "ant" what it's about. A 4-year-old's birthday is a time for playing games, singing songs, and stuffing ice cream and cake in your mouth! Happy Birthday!

  • I hope you get all of the wishes that you've ever wished. That's my birthday wish for you, 4-year-old!

  • Before you know it, you will be super old. Think you're ready for that??? Happy Birthday, 4-year-old!

  • May your birthday be a gigantic day of extraordinary fun! Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Especially for a 4-year-old that's sweet as sweet can be. Here's a Happy Birthday pup that loves to be hugged and squeezed! Happy Birthday!

  • You're nothing like a cat, Oh, special 4-year-old. You're just like you and that's what make you the best 4-year-old we all know! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday cake be covered in icing and dotted with 4 candles to blow. It's the best way to celebrate someone who's 4-years-old! Happy Birthday!

  • A birthday should be speckled with lots of funny hats. May your birthday be the best birthday that a 4-year-old can get! Happy Birthday!

Celebrate your child's 4th birthday with our collection of fun and memorable 4th birthday messages. From playful and cheerful wishes to expressive and imaginative notes, find the perfect words to honor and celebrate this milestone in your little one's life. Show your love and appreciation for their growing personality with our carefully crafted 4th birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make this 4th birthday a joyous and unforgettable occasion as your child's unique character continues to shine.

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