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Lots of women hold their friendships and relationships with your fellow woman very dear and close to their heart. The solidarity formed between women can be very special so we hope that you are able to pass on some of these women to women birthday messages to women in your life. Women to women birthday wishes are perfect when you want to show much a woman in your life means to you. This collection of woman to woman birthday quotes will help inspire you and make your friends birthday experience that bit more special.

Woman To Woman Birthday Messages

  • The best way to celebrate your birthday is to splurge on you! New outfit calling!

  • Your loving hugs, your loving smile, your loving laughter, makes your life shine. Your sincere sweetness and loving ways, makes it easy to celebrate a niece like you today! Happy Birthday!

  • For A Special Grandmother: I appreciate the role that you have played in my life. I appreciate everything that you are to our family and others. Happy Birthday!

  • A Super to you!

  • With candles lit, puckered lips, and wishes in your heart...Blow out the candles and smile a smile that keeps wishes close, that's how wishes get their start!

  • I hope you get everything you've ever wished for and more! Happy Birthday!

  • It's all about you today. Savor each and every moment. Happy Birthday!

  • For your birthday, a celebration is on tap! Giggles, tears, sweet talk, gossiping, grinning, guzzling glass after glass. A toast to you on your birthday!

  • You really are awesome! Happy Birthday!

  • On your special day, celebrate by being someone fabulous! Simply put, be yourself!

  • You were on my mind and my thoughts were that I hope you have a birthday filled with magnificent and terrific things! Happy Birthday!

  • As peeps go, you're definitely a fave of mine! Happy Birthday!

  • You totally get me. The proof is when you laugh when everyone else is wondering, "What the heck was so funny?" Happy Birthday!

  • My wish is that you get the royal treatment on your birthday so you know just how much you mean to people like me! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, it's a day about you...So, think back on all the wonderful things you've been through. Happy birthday, it's a day about you... It's a time for others to think back too on how much they really care about you!

  • Great miracles to you on your birthday and always, May blessings fill your heart in many wonderful ways. The hope is that each day is full of peace and love, Remember that each happy birthday is a gift from Above! Happy Birthday!

  • I have such marvelous memories of all of our great times together! From one friend to another, may you have an amazing birthday!

  • You are absolutely gorgeous, sophisticated, and beautiful. You radiate awesomeness! Happy Birthday!

  • You make me think happy thoughts today and always. I am wishing you a special birthday that is full of life's most phenomenal moments and things! Happy Birthday!

  • Remember when you said I would gain a pound? You lied! Happy Birthday from the "friend" that wears a bigger size!

  • Should I have the red or white with a whole package of snickerdoodles? Hey, I think either would be perfect! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthdays are like a sweet frozen moment in time to be savored and enjoyed. They're a lot like daiquiris! Have a super fun and happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, to the rootinest, tootiness gal on the planet! This is an official "TEX" to celebrate your day!

  • Some things only a real woman can do. So, for your birthday, be sure to show off your real woman assets. Due to "real woman" sagging, an underwire or Miracle bra may be required!

  • The connection that I feel to you is one that goes to the core of who you are and who I am. It's felt and is personified through dance and friendship. Happy Birthday!

  • They'll never get it out of me....your age...or mine! It's not easy being one of the most gorgeous and admired "older" goddesses to walk the earth. Happy Birthday!

  • You've finally found yourself. What a great accomplishment, and the fact that you want to keep being you makes it even more special! Happy Birthday!

  • Each year, you are supposed to age, right? Well, what's your deal?! For some reason, you seem "ageless". Happy Birthday!

  • You are so deserving of a nice gift for your birthday. However, the people that call themselves my kids have completely sucked every penny from my wallet. They keep saying they need stuff like shoes, clothes, and food!

  • When it comes to decking out your home, you have Martha beat. However, when it comes to having a vault full of cash, she's clearly the champ. Happy Birthday!

  • While having another birthday could be an issue for some that are concerned about getting old, I wouldn't let it get me all worried unless...your lipsticks seems to create a thick halo around and under your actual lips.

  • Getting older is nothing to be concerned's not like you're half dead. You know everything's cool when you can go out without having to worry about vultures circling over head. Happy Birthday!

  • Our friendship will stand the test of time. It will outshine the stars, outbeam the sun, and still go strong when clueless dudes figure us out! Happy Birthday!

  • From skin and nails to healthy functioning organs, each day of water drinking has great benefits. Plus, you can expect to lose tons of weight as you run into every bathroom within a 10-mile radius! Happy birthday!

  • Staying young is an art form that you and I have taken beyond everyone's belief! We look good for two "classic" masterpieces! Happy Birthday!

  • Drinks on me. It's your birthday!!

  • What would a birthday be without friends? My guess is that it would be like sitting alone, with a grumpy look on your face, and doing nothing. Here's to friendship and many happy birthdays!

  • Tina always measures how much her hips have spread on her birthday by making notches on a little bench that she keeps in her yard. This year her birthday was a lot happier...she threw the bench away! Hoping this card spreads happiness to you on your birthday!

  • There's a practical use for everything. Hot flashes work wonders when warming soup! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthdays shouldn't be disturbing, annoying, or aggravating. That's what men are for!

  • The little angel that sits on my shoulder can't get enough of hanging out with the little angel that sits on yours. Angels of a feather definitely flock together! Happy Birthday!

  • Like a great wrestling match, it's important not to let anything get you down! Happy Birthday!

  • Shaking a groove thing takes on a whole different meaning when your hand is doing the shaking for a hot male stripper!

  • To the skinniest chick on the freakin planet, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Of course, I say that with the warmest of sentiments.

  • It's your birthday, have everything your way!

  • Healing the planet and that a funky designer bag. Birthdays are about getting the things that you want most in this world!

  • A calm and serene birthday is one that inspires you to sit and bask in a glorious sunrise. Happy beautiful birthday!

  • On your birthday, I decided that the best way to celebrate was to get some shopping in! I'm loving this whole birthday thing already!

  • Who say's we are old? Obviously, they didn't know that last year was the year for that...this year, we're just BETTER! Happy Birthday!

  • Today, you should demand some solitary potty time. I mean, your birthday would be the best time to try this out!

  • Everybody ages. Growing up, however, is a personal choice!

  • Just so you know, you didn't actually "see" me eating the cake that I had stuffed in my mouth. You can't prove a thing! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday includes loads of happiness, an abundance of love, and a separate house just for your shoes! Prioritize as you see fit.

  • I love that I can be myself around you. Everyone else just wants me to act my age! Here's to giggles, party hats, and silly games! Happy Birthday!

  • You are so confident and you are so not fake...unless we discuss the super long eyelashes, butt length weave, and green contacts! Girl, you are just so real! Happy Birthday!

  • Every meeting has had a fun theme...none of which was the novel that everyone was supposed to have read! Let's go out and take the fun to higher "intellectual" heights on your birthday. Can you say, GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

  • Want a girls night out? Then what are you waiting for? So pick up the phone and dial my number. You know it or did you forget again. I told you to write it on your forehead backwards so every time you go potty it will remind you that I'm Your # 1 Turd and don't sh*t me I'd be lost without you.

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