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Whether your friend was born on Valentine's or on St Patrick's day you can still let them know that you have remembered their birthday and managed to find the best kind of message. This collection of general holiday birthdays messages incorporates the holiday and birthday in one fell swoop! General holiday birthday wishes are clever and will make your friend or family member smile at the effort you've put into personalising their greeting. General holiday birthday quotes are fun, catchy and suitable for all ages and kinds of person, make sure to use them and make someone very happy on their special day!

General Holiday Birthday Messages

  • A holly jolly happy happy jingle jingle day! It's your birthday and it's Christmas, so I wanted to be sure to say, "Happy Merry Birthday Christmas" in a totally wacky way!

  • Celebrating Your Birthday With A Special Limerick: The Leprechauns are cheering, this we know is right, for your birthday is also St. Patrick's Day much to their delight. So, get their gold coins and make a dash for rainbow fun, and tell that silly Leprechaun that you deserve every shiny one!

  • I'm sure your birthday will be a blast...with having fireworks exploding all over the country and all! Happy 4th of July Birthday!!

  • Don't be foolish. Would "I" prank you on your birthday? Does April Fools Day come every April 1st? Look out for your BIRTHDAY surprise! Happy April Fools Birthday!!

  • May your holiday birthday bring you a trunk load of happy times and fabulous goodies!

  • Here's wishing your birthday will be The Most Fantastic Christmas Day you've ever had!

  • As December birthdays go, May yours be a day full of smiles, gifts, friends, and anything that would make your day the best ever! Happy Christmas Birthday!!

  • December is a perfect time for someone as wonderful as you to have been born it does seem. From holidays and fabulous gifts, birthday wishes for a day that exceeds your every dream! Happy Birthday!

  • Halloween and your birthday make the perfect conditions for a party!

  • Green all over on this day and words from the Emerald Isle...Your birthday and St. Patrick's Day, these two things coincide. Happy Birthday and Happy St. Pat's Day to you!

  • There's a whole world of wonderful out there and so much to see and to do. I hope that this Valentine's birthday will be a day of discovery and excitement for you! Happy Birthday!

Celebrating a birthday during the holidays? Discover creative ideas and tips on how to make the most of a holidays birthday. From incorporating festive elements into the celebration to combining birthday traditions with holiday cheer, find inspiration to create a memorable and joyous celebration. Explore our holiday birthday guides and make their special day even more magical. Visit for festive birthday inspiration.

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