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There's always that friend or family member who you love to joke around with and you should make no exception on their birthday. Make sure to send one of these jokes about aging messages when they have their birthday to make them literally laugh out loud. These jokes about aging birthday wishes are not just funny but a good way to wish them a happy birthday as well. Jokes about aging quotes will have them smiling and enjoying their birthday even more thanks to you remembering and sending it right to their phone or their inbox right from this site!

Jokes About Aging

  • We had a ball growing up...making all types of jokes about when people got old. Now, those jokes just don't seem so "funny". Happy Birthday!

  • WOW! You look great for being as old as you are. I'm not sure that's completely fair! Happy Birthday!

  • Getting old is just a fact of life. Growing more mature with age is just something some people choose to do.

  • Birthdays are definitely doozies. Aren't they?

  • If you are so compelled to moon someone, you should know that are your butt is getting increasingly is the whole "moon effect"!

  • I hate to say this, but...You are REALLY old!

  • Everybody wants to look and feel young. You have done everything that you can...but, it's so just didn't work. Very valiant effort though!

  • You get older and you're supposed to get more and more wise. Hey, just be thankful that you're still living. The wisdom part...well, hey, everybody just won't get it!

  • You are really blessed being so old and still able to do the whole breathing thing. Go, you!

  • There is no need to name call. I've grown to realize that some "old" people like you just can't take that!

  • They say that you're only as young as you feel. Of course if you're feeling wrinkles and a spare tire around your belly, then, it's fairly safe to say that you are no longer "young".

  • Cake is a universal symbol for a birthday. Why in the world they wouldn't choose something lighter and full of hops, and with the power to put a smile on your face, like, let's just don't know!

  • You may get a lot of gifts for your birthday! Just be mindful that someone may have slipped in a cane or walker. Some people can be so cruel...My gift is that long one with the hook! Happy Birthday!

  • It's definitely bad karma to joke on people about their age. Remember when you would say people are "old"...well..Happy Birthday...again!

  • It's only natural for old people to drive slowly. I feel bad knowing that I have to pass them on the road. You may notice a bunch of people passing you....surely, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're a "slow driver" or that you're getting "old".

  • I couldn't add anything to your birthday that you don't already have....happiness, beauty, love, and a level of personal delirium that has never before been seen. Happy Birthday!

  • As you get older, you, apparently, start thinking of ways that medical science can make improvements on you. It's amazing that you would want to be an "old guinea pig" instead of just being "old"! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthdays just seem to pop up. Don't let it scare you. I know how old people can be easily startled.

  • I would definitely say that you and I are really looking young....when people look from that perfect angle, with the most perfect lighting, and from the farthest distance. Happy Birthday!

  • Who says you're getting old? I have always believed that "old" was and always will be way older than whatever age that I am! Think the same way and you'll NEVER be old!

  • Huff! Puff! Huff, Huff! Puff, Puff! Nope...still not done! You have plenty of candles to still blow out! Happy Birthday!

  • With age, you're supposed to get better, wiser, and a bunch of other great things. Do you feel yourself getting better, wiser, and all of those other great things? No. Didn't think so. Happy Birthday on getting just plain old.

  • Just yesterday you were a hottie. Now, that you're older, things seem to be fizzling out. Happy Birthday!

  • They say that we have to get the party started "right". If that means me taking off my PJs and leaving my house, then...forget about it. Ice cream and cake on my sofa...You game?

  • Nobody has the right to ask you how old you are. However, if they ask me...I'm gonna let them know.

  • There is not enough room on the cake for all of those candles. Can't we just light one and call it a day?

  • If age is any indication of how successful you are in must be on the pinnacle of world domination! Happy Birthday!

  • all honesty, you are definitely not just starting to get old. You've been getting old for some time now.

  • Past Birthdays Past: Let's do this! Party! Party! Present Birthday: Uh...dinner is fine as long as I can be in before dark. Based on this information, future birthdays are not looking so great.

  • Your figure is what it is. You can't just "up" and change it. Well, you can suck it up, but that will only temporary distort it.

  • Everybody will have birthdays. That's life. The secret to life is how to have those birthdays without looking like an old hag. Good luck!

  • There's nothing that you can do about aging. Just go with the flow and let the wrinkles have their reign.

Embrace the humor and laughter that comes with aging with our collection of hilarious jokes about getting older. Aging is a natural part of life, and what better way to navigate it than with a good sense of humor? Our collection of jokes about aging will have you laughing out loud and embracing the quirks and joys that come with each passing year. Whether you're looking for jokes to share with friends, family, or at a special occasion, our selection has you covered. Get ready to chuckle, giggle, and find joy in the humorous side of aging at

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