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Diamond Jubilee: Memorable 60th Birthday Messages to Celebrate a Life Well-Lived

In some countries you would be a pensioner or considered to be of old age at 60, whilst some may agree we're sure that there's plenty of 60-year-olds out there who would say they still feel young. Send 60th birthday messages to let them know they're still considered a friend or part of the family. It's easy to lose touch as people get less mobile as well so send one of these 60th birthday quotes via email or through your phone instantly. 60th birthday wishes are important ones so make sure that you don't forget it and pick a message you know they'll love.

60th Birthday Messages

  • I hope that you have a birthday that is a celebration of your past and a window into what you wish to be and do. Happy 60th Birthday!

  • Remember the sixties? They were a time of sunshine, happy days, and funky nights. Thanks for doing your part to bring them back! Happy 60th Birthday!

  • Celebrating a birthday for someone like you is a piece of cake because you are sooo sweet! Happy 60th Birthday!

  • As you get older, you just keep getting better and better! 60 looks great on you! Happy Birthday!

  • Everybody knows you're still in the game, even at 60...but do you have to scream and yell like you've hit the lottery every time you get a crossword answer right?! Happy Birthday!

  • Remember when 60 was like super slow and crotchety? You're not like that at all. At 60, you're still moving and shaking with the best of them! Happy Birthday!

  • Some things get more valuable with age. So, at this rate, you're value must have at least quadrupled! Happy 60th Birthday!

  • I can't believe that you are really 60 years old. Things are really different these days. 60 is definitely not as ancient as it was back in your day! Happy Birthday!

  • Your keychain is massive. It must be a 60-year-old thing...Let me guess, you have no idea what those things even open, do you? Happiness is "Key" on your 60th Birthday!

  • Took some time to get there, but it's absolutely amazing once you arrive. Happy 60th Birthday!

  • When you're 60, you don't have to make any excuses for driving slow or braking every few feet. It's your right! Happy Birthday!!

  • Nobody can tell you what an ideal 60-year-old is like...especially if they're some young, know-nothing! Make 60 all about you!

  • Some may think of 60 as getting older, but it's actually an amazing time in a person's life where they can take stock of who they are and celebrate each new day with a renewed sense of self! Live life to the fullest! Happy Birthday!

  • It's your 60th birthday! Did you hear me? Hey..."It's your 60th birthday!" Hope your year is better than those ears!

  • You leave everyone in awe. At 60, you have more going on in your life than most people have in a whole lifetime. You're an inspiration to me and everyone who knows you! You leave us all wondering...what's next for this fascinating person!?! You are awesome!! Happy 60th Birthday!

Celebrate the remarkable milestone of turning 60 with our collection of memorable birthday messages. The 60th birthday is a momentous occasion that signifies a life well-lived, filled with wisdom, experiences, and cherished memories. Find the perfect words to make their 60th birthday extraordinary and convey love, respect, and best wishes as they enter the next chapter of their journey. Our carefully curated 60th birthday messages capture the essence of this milestone, celebrating their accomplishments, resilience, and the legacy they've built. Explore our selection at and create a celebration that honors their incredible journey and the remarkable person they are.

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