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Heartwarming Birthday Messages for Granddaughter - Celebrate Your Precious Bond

As grandparents you will cherish the little ones in your life as you see new life come into your family, we have gathered together this lovely list of happy birthday messages for granddaughter so you will have something nice to say to her every year. Birthday quotes for granddaughter can be used online, in person or sent along with a gift to make it that bit more special for her. Birthday wishes for granddaughter can mean a lot to the special lady and especially when it's on her special day. Use them today and share them with your friends as well.

Birthday Messages For Granddaughter

  • Happy birthday to a granddaughter who makes being a grandparent just about the best thing ever!" "Thanks for bringing so much happy into our lives!"

  • "You're bright! You're fun! You're sweet! You're cool! You're talented! You're clever!" "And every year, you're easier to brag about than ever!" Happy Birthday

  • "With sprinkles of fun, the sweetest granddaughter under the sun...that's why you're loved by everyone!" Have a Happy Birthday!

  • "Dream Big Laugh Lots Have Fun Be Happy Live Well" "In other words, Granddaughter, just be yourself. Because you know what? You're a pretty amazing person to be." Happy Birthday

  • "Granddaughter, I hope you're smiling today&" "...knowing how special you are and just how much you're loved." Happy Birthday

  • For a Special Granddaughter "Thinking of you with love and pride on your birthday and always."

  • "On Your Birthday, Granddaughter" "Wishing you a year full of happy."

  • "Happy Birthday, Great-Granddaughter!" "Hope you have a positively purr-r-fect day!"

  • "Granddaughter, You make me smile." "Always have. Always will. Love you." Happy Birthday

  • Independent wise honest imaginative open patient spiritual responsible witty loyal trustworthy bright welcoming gentle caring strong helpful considerate Granddaughter, sure love the person you're becoming! Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter Have a sugar-and-spice, perfectly nice, in fact, a spectacular birthday.

  • You're full of surprises and sweeter than cake-- That's why you should have every wish that you make. Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday to our pride and joy.

  • May friendship, love, and happiness be life's best gifts to you on your birthday and aways.

  • Remembering happy yesterdays that you made so special, Thinking of you today with so much love, And hoping your tomorrows will be every bit as wonderful as you.Happy Birthday

  • Have the happiest kind of birthday!

  • Sunshine Flowers Love Happiness Blessings Laughter Friends Family May God's love brighten your special day just as you brighten the lives of those who love you.

  • Of course you're smart, talented, and lovable. It runs in the family!Happy Birthday!

  • Hope good things bloom for you all day long.Happy Birthday

  • Candles are lit, Confetti is flung, Balloons are let loose, Fun songs are sung-- It's a birthday! Wishes are made, Cake is consumed, Greetings are shouted, Love fills the room-- It's YOUR birthday!Have a Wonderful Day!

  • Wishing you rainbow days, star-bright dreams, and a magical birthday.

  • To a Sweet Great-Granddaughter With every happy birthday, it seems you're nicer yet. (And you're about as special now as any girl could get!) So hope your birthday's just like you--fun and bright and happy, too!

  • Granddaughter This friendly little octopus has brought a wish for you-- She's hoping that your birthday is happy all day through!

  • Granddaughter Wishing you much happiness-- Love and laughter, too. And hoping that your birthday holds The very best for you!

  • Great-Granddaughter Especially to wish you a birthday that brings So many special and wonderful things, For not just today but all the year through, There are so many wonderful things about you! Happy Birthday

  • Granddaughter You're completely unique--there are no other YOUs! No one else smiles your smiles, no one else fills your shoes! There's no substitute you, not one copy or clone-- Granddaughter, you shine with a style all your own! Have a One-of-a-Kind Birthday

  • For You, Granddaughter A BIRTHDAY WISH WITH LOVE You've grown so much since you were small, but some things haven't changed at all. You're still so very special, and you're loved a whole lot, too! And so you're wished a day that brings fun and friends and favorite things-- A day that brings you happiness... no matter what you do!

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter Each candle on your birthday cake means one more year of you-- Bright symbols of the warmth you bring to everything you do. Because of all the love you give, the joy that you create, Today's a day your family really loves to celebrate!

  • For a Special Granddaughter YOU ARE A GIFT When God blessed our family with the wonderful gift of you, He was also giving us the gifts of laughter, gentleness, caring, and love that are so much a beautiful part of you. Just as you have blessed the lives of those around you, may God bless you especially with His love on your birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Goddaughter Thinking of all the ways you're special and wishing you a year full of everything that means the most to you.

  • Granddaughter I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE IN MY LIFE You've added to the joy of life in a million lovely ways. You've helped me keep my spirit young. You've brightened all my days. And if I ever spoiled you, I don't regret it for a minute. The Have a Wonderful Birthday

  • Today's your birthday, Granddaughter-- But the family's been celebrating since the day you were born. Happy Birthday With Love

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter Your birthdays come and go so fast, And everyone can see That you're a little lady now-- As sweet as you can be!

  • Granddaughter, of all the things I like about you, know what my favorite is? Everything. (It was a million-way tie.)

  • My Granddaughter Is Fabulous! Granddaughter, you are unique in a cookie cutter world. You enjoy being YOU. You believe in what is good, and you take on your dreams with courage and spirit. You have zest for the sweetness of life and it beams Happy Birthday

  • Granddaughter Smiles Wishes Presents Fun Here's wishing you sunny smiles, skies of blue, carefree hours, a wish (or two!)-- and lots of birthday love! Happy Birthday!

  • Granddaughter-- Have a super-fantastical, magical birthday!

  • For You, GRANDDAUGHTER Sweetened with laughter And sprinkled with fun, Sure hope that this birthday's Your happiest one!

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter! A warm and special birthday wish-- just because you're you.

  • Great-Granddaughter Wishing you a day touched with gentle beauty and warmed with joy and love. Happy Birthday

  • To a Loved-a-Lot Granddaughter Hope you have a PRINCESS-PURRFECT Birthday! XOXO

  • For a Sweet Granddaughter A splash of fun wishes from under the sea, Where pals party playfully, floating carefree. Have the Happiest Birthday there EVER could be!

  • So lucky to have a Granddaughter like you!

  • It's Your Big Day, Granddaughter! Birthdays celebrate the very day that you were born, it's fun to count the years since you were small. And every day between them, you are loved so very much perhaps we should just celebrate them all! Happy, Happy Birthday to You!

  • Another cake-and-candle day for you, Granddaughter. Another year for me. Totally-proud-of-you Happy Birthday With So Much Love

  • Blue sky, Big fun, Lots of Happy... Great-Granddaughter, just putting in my order for your birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter With many special wishes, to hope your day's the kind, that's just as bright and happy, as the thoughts you bring to mind!

  • For a Sweet Great-Granddaughter To wish you a special kind of day

  • That brings the nicest things your way And then a year that holds in store Everything you're wishing for! Happy Birthday

  • GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER With a lot of hugs and kisses And a lot of love to spare For the sweetest great-granddaughter There could be anywhere! Happy Birthday XO XO

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter Thinking of what a sweet granddaughter you've always been, Feeling so proud of the woman you've become, Wishing you all the happiness you so deserve. Have a Wonderful Day

  • Granddaughter It's always fun to hear about the things you're doing, the ways you're growing up. Hope you know how much pride you bring every day of the year-- and hope you know how much it means to have you for a granddaughter.

  • Granddaughter, love you forever I believe in magic... in fairy princesses and dreams that really do come true. It isn't any wonder that a thousand years from now, somewhere, somehow I'll still be loving you.

  • For You, Great-Granddaughter This mouse is happy through and through and wears a smile that's just for you! He's coming today, as you can guess, To wish you lots of happiness. Happy Birthday!

  • Granddaughter, You're a Sweetie! You must be made of sunshine And some stars from up above... A little bit of sugar And lots and lots of love! Happy Birthday!

  • For a Sweet Granddaughter You're one huggable little snuggle-bunny! Happy Birthday

  • Our family has that special something& You, Granddaughter! Happy Birthday

  • For Granddaughter's Birthday It's your birthday! Lucky You! You'll have cake and presents, too! And if this birthday wish comes true, You'll have fun the whole year through! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Granddaughter May your birthday be happy in all kinds of ways-- And may all your tomorrows be wonderful days.

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