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Heartfelt Birthday Messages for Aunt - Express Love and Gratitude

When considering birthday messages for aunts, you may not be too sure what to say as it's different to telling your mom or your sister. We cut out the hard work and share with you, this collection of birthday wishes for aunts that will make them think very highly of you when you pass it on in whichever format you'd like to use. Birthday quotes for aunts can make them feel wanted and part of the family, even if you may not see one another that often, make sure to use them when your aunt next has a birthday.

Birthday Messages For Aunt

  • So glad you're my aunt. So glad I'm your niece. So glad that we're friends and family. Happy Birthday, Aunt!

  • Here's a great, big, bear hug for you, Auntie! Happy Birthday!

  • You are a top notch aunt. The other aunts could take lessons from you. Happy Birthday!

  • Aunts like you are worth their weight in gold. You're a helper to all, no matter how young or old. You're a great example of what a great aunt should be. I'm so happy that you are that great aunt to me! Happy Birthday!

  • We can't pick our family, but if I could, I would have picked you. Aunt, you are wonderful, sincere, kind, and unique. That's you! Happy Birthday!

  • You are someone that I can lean on. You are someone I can trust. You are someone extra special to me. Auntie, I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

  • My birthday wish is not just for a happy single day. It's a wish for a year of magical times and everything wonderful and great! Happy Birthday, Auntie!

  • Good things come to good people. Your life must be especially good! Happy Birthday to you!

  • I just couldn't let the day go by without wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday, Auntie!

  • I would tell you over and over and over and over and over again...You're the best. You're world class. You're my aunt and my friend! Happy Birthday!

  • Whenever I think of you, I can remember your tight hugs, your bright smile, and how you always go out of your way to make other people happy. So, whenever I think of you my heart is happy. Best Wishes For A Happy Birthday, Auntie!

  • A celebration is definitely in order for an aunt that is totally awesome! Happy Birthday!

  • I can't tell you how many times we've giggled and how many hugs we shared. But, I can tell you how thankful I am that you've always been there! Happy Birthday, Aunt!

  • Believe it or not, I'm always thinking about you and how much you mean to me and our family. You are a special part of my life and I'm grateful that you're my aunt. Happy Birthday!

  • I hope that your birthday is brimming with happy times and fulfilled dreams. Happy Birthday, Dearest Aunt!

  • May your birthday be beautiful and special just like you! Happy Birthday, Auntie!

  • May God's blessings fill your day and your life. You are always in my thoughts and in my prayers. I love you! Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt!

  • I could never, ever, never, ever, never, ever forget an auntie like you...especially on your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • Aunts like you make life extraordinary. You're just not a run of the mill aunt. You're a super one! Happy Birthday!

  • Auntie, you're the greatest...spoiler ever!!! Thanks!!! Happy Birthday

  • I hope that your birthday is full of dreams that magically come true and wonderful things that are especially for you! Happy Birthday, Aunt!

  • Even though you are great to everybody, it seems like you treat me the absolute best! That's why I love you, Auntie! Happy Birthday

  • My life is full of love because of you. I really appreciate you for that. Happy Birthday, Aunt

  • Being wonderful is just what aunts do. I know because I my aunt is the best! Whether you're hugging or comforting or simply being funny, your warm touches everyone that knows you. Happy Birthday!

  • I have so many wonderful women in my life. You are definitely one of them. I appreciate all that you do and love you dearly. Happy Birthday to you, Aunt

  • *You always have a place in my heart. Happy Birthday! I love you, Dear Aunt!

  • It didn't take you doing a lot for me to realize how special you are. From your smile to the way that your eyes light up, you are simply an amazing woman. I love you much! Happy Birthday, Aunt!

  • There aren't many like you around, Auntie. Just like a twinkling pearl, you are gorgeous. Just like a truffle, you are just too sweet! Just like a diamond, you are precious. I just love having you in my life! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to You! May Your day be one of the best that you have ever had and full of hugs and kisses, too!

  • Today is the best day for sharing this...You are a fantastic aunt and I wish you every happiness! Happy Birthday!

Celebrate your aunt's birthday with our heartfelt collection of birthday messages for aunt. From loving and appreciative wishes to nostalgic and sentimental notes, find the perfect words to express your love and gratitude on her special day. Show your aunt how much she means to you with our carefully crafted birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make her birthday celebration truly special.

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