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This is a collection of compliment birthday wishes for when you don't just want to share your wish for a happy birthday but you want the recipient to know how good they look or how proud you are. Compliment birthday messages can boost a person who was possibly worried about getting old or even unsure how they feel about growing older. Compliment birthday quotes let your friends know that they're not alone in how they feel and that there's no shame in getting older as they're also getting wiser along with it as well.

Compliment Birthday Messages

  • My hope for your birthday is that it's as awesome, fantastic, terrific, wonderful, and magnificent as you! Happy Birthday!

  • We can count on you...all of the time! We have so much adoration for you and we just are so grateful for having you in our lives. You're a blessing to everybody. Happy Birthday!

  • You have always been a joy. Today, we celebrate you and hope that your birthday is as fantastic as you are! Happy Birthday!

  • A birthday is nice. But a day that's all about you is even better. Hope you have the latter and it's totally better! Happy Birthday!

  • To be honest, you are just a beautiful person, inside and out. You're the type of person that puts smiles on people's faces and happiness in their hearts. Happy Birthday to Sweet, Wonderful You!

  • Every birthday brings with it wonderful thoughts of tomorrow, and based on your today, I'm thinking you're tomorrows will be absolutely awesome!

  • Remembering you is what I do! Happy Birthday!

  • Heaven rejoiced then and is still smiling down on your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • You're moving from year to year without a hitch. You are gorgeously aged! Happy Birthday!

  • Who's old? Definitely not you! Happy Birthday!

  • Life has been great to our family, but it seems to have been especially great to you! Happy Birthday!

  • You had a tremendous start in life with your good looks and wonderful personality. Your legacy is still continuing. Happy Birthday!

  • Years ago, do you think anyone predicted that you would be so fantastic today? Why, of course we did! Happy Birthday!

  • Who could forget the birthday of someone as special as you? Definitely, not I! Happy Birthday!

  • You are so loved. You have a special way of touching everything that you come in contact with. Even the birds love you! Happy Birthday!

  • Some people get older with each year and some just get you! Happy Birthday!

  • All of the wishing stars want your attention. That's why the sky is always lit up on your birthday! Happy Wishing!

  • Your inner glow is simply amazing. You seem to harvest it like a candle in a lantern that beams for all the world to see! Happy Birthday!

  • You just bring "special" to everybody you meet and every place you set foot. That must make for a super life! Happy Birthday!

  • Can I be honest? You are looking better and better every year. I'm having a difficult accepting this, just so you know. LOL! Happy Birthday!

  • You've dedicated your life to doing for those around you. It is your talent and your calling. May your birthday be as super as you are! Happy Birthday!

  • You had to be born. The world just needed to have someone extra special to make life better for the rest of us! Happy Birthday!

  • Have a fabulous birthday! You're super wonderful!

  • Everybody celebrate! It's one of the most important birthdays ever...yours!

  • Make 2-day a U-day! Happy Birthday!

  • You have so much to offer others and our world. You are truly special. Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be a day of fun and totally amazing. Hey, I just described you! Happy Birthday!

  • You do all the good you can. It's just who you are and the world is so much more wonderful because of you. Happy Birthday!

  • I am so happy and grateful that I know you. It's one of life's amazing things for me. I am very fortunately to have someone as special as you in my life. Happy Birthday

  • You would be surprised how important your birthday is to those that know and love you. It's one of our favorite days of the year and the perfect time for us to let you know how much you mean in our lives! Happy Birthday!

  • Even though life gets a little hard at times, there is always a spot of happiness and a ray of joy that will fill the air. That's you! Happy Birthday!

  • You are a gift to all of us. That is why we celebrate you today! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday wishes to you for a day that is what you are...positively amazing! Happy Birthday!

  • May you wake up to birds chirping and the sun glowing in the sky. May it end with a warm feeling deep down inside. May your birthday be a celebration of you! Happy Birthday!

  • It must be your birthday. The world just seems a bit more awesome today.

  • We don't think your birthday is the most special day of the year. We actually think everyday is special because of you! Happy Birthday!

  • Amazing people should have amazing birthdays!

  • In case you didn't realize it...this is a special Happy you! You know that I could never forget you!

  • May we both have a day like none, because it's your birthday...and me, because I get to spend it with you!

  • I don't have to tell you how great you look given your "technical" age. It would technically be unnecessary, but I'll say it anyway. You look FANTASTIC!

  • *If everybody looked as young as you, we'd all be saying like after every word. Happy, Like, Birthday, Like, To, Like, You!

  • You add wonderful to our lives. Happy Birthday!

  • Say it loud, You're great and I'm proud! Happy Birthday!

  • Who you are is what we love. A person that is giving. Someone willing to try. A lovely addition to any group. A little piece of heaven's sky. You are all of these things and so much more, today we celebrate you. You are super special, absolutely fantastic. Being great is just what you do! Happy Birthday!

  • We are celebrating you and all that you have been to all of us! Happy Birthday!

  • It's everything that you do that makes people just love you. Happy Birthday to someone Super Special!

  • I figured I'd tell you these super relevant tid bits on your birthday. First, you're wonderful. Second, I'm so glad to be a part of your life. Third, you're wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  • I totally understand why you always have those ants and bees following you. You're just too sweet! Happy Birthday!

  • Getting a lot of attention is not really your thing. We all understand that. However, given that this day is special because it commemorates the day you were born, we just couldn't let it slip by. Happy Birthday, Wonderful!

  • May your birthday bring you happiness, inside and out! Happy Birthday!

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