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Our wish for you birthday messages are perfect to use for close family members or when there's a couple or more of you wanting to send a gift or a card to one person. It's an easy way to let them know that you all want the very best for them in the future as well as having a great birthday. Our wish for you birthday wishes can be sent to those who are reaching important birthdays such as 18 or 21 as well. Our wish for you birthday quotes contain many thoughtful and interesting words that can inspire your friends and family.

Our Wish For You

  • We are hoping that your birthday is full of wonderful and special things. We really wish you all the best and that you day's a dream! Happy Birthday!

  • We have a big birthday wish for you. We wish that your day is super amazing just like you-know-who!

  • Our thoughts of you are very high and we hope your birthday's great. It's a day to honor you and a day for us all to celebrate!

  • We wanted to give you a birthday that would be completely elaborate, full of gorgeous things, and an absolute dream. Of course, we then realized that we only had enough for this card. So...Happy Birthday!

  • Both of us want to wish you a happy day and year. You deserve everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday From One Of Your Favorite Pair!

  • We're gonna do your birthday up REALLY BIG! Hey, that's what friends are for!

  • Finding a way to commemorate your birthday was put to a vote. Card won out over teeth tattoos of your name. Happy Birthday!

  • There are other things that we could be doing...wink, wink...but we felt it best to take a few moments to say, "Happy Birthday To You!"...Now, back at we go!

  • An awesome person that we admire. That's what you are and that's why we are so excited about wishing you the happiest birthday ever!

  • It is our sincere hope that your birthday unfold exactly as you have dreamt it. You deserve every happiness on this day and always. Happy Birthday!

  • There is a group of wackos that think the world of you. So, Happy Birthday from all of us!

  • Birthday wishes for everything you love, everything you dream, and everything that you want to be. Happy Birthday!

  • Wish everyone that totally respects you could have signed this card. Unfortunately, reaching out to everyone who has ever met you would have been an impossible task.

  • Happy, happy birthday! Simple, sweet, and totally from the heart.

  • Trying to make your birthday special, we endeavored to do all types of cool tricks. In the process, we got all hurt up. So, the only the one that will be happy on your birthday will probably be you.

  • May your birthday be happy and your life be super sweet. It's our hope for you today and it always will be. Happy Birthday!

  • A perfect day, a perfect year...that's our hope for you. You deserve everything that's perfect because that's what we think of you, too! Happy Birthday!

  • With all of the fantastic qualities that you have, beauty, smarts, and a fabulous's no wonder people are so jealous...of the gorgeous friends that you have! Happy Birthday!

  • Wonderful wishes, bright happy days, may they all come today in so many ways! Happy Birthday!

Discover our collection of our wish for you birthday messages, filled with heartfelt and inspiring words to celebrate the special people in your life. From wishes of love, success, and happiness to messages of strength and fulfillment, find the perfect words to convey your heartfelt wishes for their birthday and beyond. Explore our curated selection at and make their day truly memorable with our heartfelt wishes.

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