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Cheers to 21: Heartfelt 21st Birthday Messages for a Memorable Milestone

Some countries still have laws that mean you have to wait until you are 21 to do certain things so 21 is still seen as yet another important age to reach in your life. Choose one of these 21st birthday messages to send to someone who has become of legal age. 21st birthday wishes can be delivered to the recipient any way you would like, do it online, over the phone, with a gift or card in person. 21st birthday quotes are fun and cover many different styles so you'll be able to find the right one for the person celebrating their 21st.

21st Birthday Messages

  • "OFFICIALLY AGE: 21 I think when you turn 21, you should get a special ID that says, "That's right, I'm 21, suckers! Card me! I dare ya!" "'Cause that's what you're thinking. Don't act like you're not. Happy 21st!"

  • Dare or Double Dare!? You decide. That's what you should say right before you whip out your ID! Hey, your 21! Let everybody know!

  • Reading your future is easy...21 will be the most awesome birthday of all times! Happy Birthday!

  • Turning 21 is about learning from your past, expecting great things in the years to come, and being the best you can be today! Happy birthday!

  • Finally, it's a and your ID! Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Can you name someone that is cute, sweet, smart, super hip, and totally legal? You!! Happy 21st Birthday!

  • The world is at your feet 21-year-old. So, go get stompin' like you own it! Happy Birthday!

  • 21 is so much more than just an age. It's totally a time for fun, great times, and looking ahead to the wonderful things yet to come! Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Contrary to popular belief, you'll learn that these things have value for a 21 year old: Reading - You need to be able to read labels on bottles of all types! Count shots. Figure out the geographic location of every bar in town. And, especially how not to have a hangover two days in a row. You almost never want history to repeat itself! Happy 21st Birthday, Scholar!!

  • They say that once you turn 21, you are automatically an adult and expected to "act your age". Even though they say that...I say, acting your age is optional! Have a ball on your birthday!!

  • The day is here and one of the most amazing things that a 21-year-olds will hear today is "Enjoy your beer!" Happy Birthday!

  • Hoping your 21st birthday is exceptionally meaningful, delightful, and insightful! May it be a full day for you! Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Don't think of your license as just a legal document that says you're 21....Think of it as a permission slip to get your party on! Happy Birthday!

  • The Unofficial Miranda Rights of Being 21...not the one's you've heard before...You have the right to party. You have the right to an attorney if you act like a fool from partying. These are so much better, aren't they?!

  • Happy Birthday! 21 marks a changing of the just go with the flow!

Celebrate the milestone of turning 21 with our collection of heartfelt birthday messages. The 21st birthday is a momentous occasion that symbolizes the entry into adulthood and the beginning of new adventures. Find the perfect words to make their 21st birthday unforgettable and convey love, joy, and best wishes as they embrace the privileges and responsibilities that come with being 21. Our carefully crafted 21st birthday messages capture the essence of this milestone, celebrating their growth, dreams, and endless possibilities. Explore our selection at and create a celebration that honors their journey into adulthood.

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