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We know how much you want to pass on the right message when it's the birthday of someone you love so we created this collection of love birthday messages for you! With comments and love birthday quotes of all kinds, you'll be able to find the right message for that special person in your life that you love very much. This collection of love birthday wishes is large so you'll have no problem in finding one that you're happy with to make your partner feel amazing on their birthday and make it a day to remember for them and for you.

Love Birthday Messages

  • I have a completely different perspective of love and how it can transform a minor moment into a major feeling of happiness and beauty. Happy Birthday, Love!

  • I love you with an intensity that I can't explain. I love the way to feel and I love to say your name. I love to see your beautiful face and those other gorgeous parts. My love for you has grown stronger and stronger. You're a permanent part of my heart.

  • I'll be holding on forever! Happy Birthday!

  • To me, love is you. Happy Birthday!

  • Being with you does things to me, like my heart skipping beats, like my smile getting super wide, like the butterflies I sometimes feel inside. Being with you does things you see. It makes me know everday that because of you I'm a happier me! Happy Birthday

  • From year to year, from decade to decade, from century to century...our love has stood the test of time. I love you. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a dream that has become my reality.

  • Having someone to love makes YOU one lucky sweetheart! Happy Birthday!

  • Completely in love. Happy Birthday

  • When I'm in your arms, the warmth of your love brings me comfort and happiness. Happy Birthday!

  • Thank you for all you do for me. Thank you for giving me love so freely. Thank you for making me laugh and smile. I'm so thankful that I've found you and love at last! Happy Birthday!

  • I'm glad you're fine wine, like fine are just sooo fine! Happy Birthday!

  • Passionate Wonderful Amazing Totally loving you. Happy Birthday

  • Your wish is my command. Happy Birthday

  • I can't really count the ways that I love you...all I can say is "Infinity"! Happy Birthday!

  • My love for you is real. Happy Birthday!

  • You are the showstopper that has my total attention. Happy Birthday

  • Simply put, it's about me and you. Simply put, love is what we do.

  • The past gave us wonderful memories. Today brings us into the here and now of togetherness. Tomorrow we'll create more wonderful moments in time. Happy Birthday!

  • There are so many things I love about you...your hair, your scent, your lips, your eyes, your ...well, I'll just stop there, but I could go on all day with this. Happy Birthday!

  • A Special Event: I'm having a very special birthday party that can only accommodate two. Attire: Birthday Suits.

  • There will be more treats for you than just cake on your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • You bring light into my life and you brighten my world. Happy Birthday

  • My world revolves around you. You are the brightness that outshines the sun and the moon. I love you, Special One. Happy Birthday!

  • I would absolutely love to hand you the world on a plate if that would make you happy. However, the only thing that I have is my love and my life to give you. Happy Birthday

  • As luck would have it, I'm the luckiest person on the planet. My great fortune comes from having someone as amazing as you to care about me and to love me just as I am. Happy Birthday!

  • You look gorgeous every time I see you no matter where we may be. There's something so very fantastic about you that brings out the beauty I see. Happy Birthday!

  • We are so fortunate to have each other to love. Happy Birthday!

  • Loving you makes me feel free, happy, and alive! Happy Birthday!

  • I would love to give you something special. How about, for every candle, we...?? Well, I'll let you fill in the blank. Happy Birthday!

  • I wrote a poem just for you: You have the most lovely parts, every single one. I love when I can enjoy them. Life's about love and fun! Happy Birthday!

  • Your thoughtfulness and consideration are really refreshing. I love spending time with you. I just am so happy that you are mine and I am yours, Love. Happy Birthday!

  • I really am grateful that you are a part of my life and that you make me feel whole. Happy Birthday!

  • Having fun could make your birthday even better. For tonight, you can just call me fun!

  • My day ends on a high note when I find myself in your arms. Happy Birthday

  • I'm going to spoil you on your I do everyday!

  • Under. On. I just love being with you. Happy Birthday!

  • My days are happier because of you. Knowing I have you to love gives my life greater meaning. Happy Birthday!

  • I believe we are a matched pair....perfect for one another...tailored for love and a happy life together. Happy Birthday!

  • Burning Hot Love! Let's make it happen! Happy Birthday!

  • Every moment matters when I am with you. Having you in my life makes me realize how important and wonderful LOVE is! Happy Birthday!

Celebrate love and romance with our collection of heartfelt love birthday messages. From passionate and poetic expressions to sweet and affectionate wishes, find the perfect words to make their birthday a truly romantic and memorable occasion. Show your deep affection and devotion with our carefully curated love birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make their heart skip a beat on their special day.

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