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Heartwarming and Exciting 3rd Birthday Messages - Celebrate Your Child's Growing Adventure

We hope you like these 3rd birthday messages as much as we enjoyed creating them! Toddlers really start to get into the celebratory aspect of birthdays when they turn 3. Use these 3rd birthday wishes and send via SMS or email message if that's something you would prefer. As you browse you can even select the faovrites you have in this collection of 3rd birthday quotes that you'd like to use now or save them to use at a later date for anyone who has a 2 year old with a birthday coming up soon or for your own son or daughter's 3rd birthday!

3rd Birthday Messages

  • 3 is a great number and so many cool things usually can be found in 3s. None of them are as fantastic as you though, 3-year-old! Happy Birthday!

  • Three silly swingers are swinging just for you. To wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday, too!

  • You're 3 already? Wow! You're growing up every day! Enjoy your birthday and all of the delicious stuff that comes with it!

  • You're not a baby, but you're still a kid. You likes silly games, singing songs, and times to run. Think of all the fun things that you did, and think of the cool stuff to come! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Three cheers for a fantastic 3-year-old! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Happy Birthday To You!

  • A sweet little 3-year-old that's as yummy as ice cream. May your birthday be filled with everything happy and everything you've ever dreamed! Happy Birthday!

  • You are really getting taller, getting bigger, and a lot stronger. That's right. Of course, you are. You are 3 and you're a super star! Happy Birthday!

  • You get great new friends when you turn 3 like a silly eyed THREE-KET that's as wacky as can be. The THREE-KET is spacey and giggly all the time. He's a wonderful new friend that you'll be glad you can call "all mine". Happy Birthday 3-year-old!

  • All eyes are on 3-year-old. You can do so many cool things, so I have been told. You are learning more and trying more everyday. So, we want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, on your special day!

  • All dinosaurs know that you're as cool as can be when you turn 3-years-old. Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be as extraordinary as you. Happy Birthday to an awesome 3-year-old!

  • Wishes, hugs, and lots of fun gifts, too, for your 3rd birthday, you deserve them. Happy Birthday to You!

  • Fun, fun fun...all just for you. There's so much fun to be had when you're 3 and no longer 2! Happy Birthday!

  • All dogs love 3-ear-olds. They just can't help it, it's true. They especially love really wonderful 3-year-olds that are exactly like you! Happy Birthday!

  • Three fingers is what you need to show so that the world can see...that 3-year-olds are smart little ones that know exactly how to make 3! Happy Birthday!

  • The fun won't stop for 3-year-olds because there's always something new to try. For you the fun will go on and on since you're the greatest 3-year-old, oh my! Happy Birthday!

  • Happiness is all around and smiles will light your day. You're 3-years-old and "Happy Birthday" is what we'll sing and say!

Celebrate your child's 3rd birthday with our collection of heartwarming and exciting 3rd birthday messages. From affectionate and enthusiastic wishes to imaginative and adventurous notes, find the perfect words to honor and celebrate this milestone in your little one's life. Show your love and excitement with our carefully crafted 3rd birthday messages. Explore our selection at and make this 3rd birthday a memorable and joyous occasion as your child embarks on new adventures and discoveries.

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