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Fabulous at 40: Inspiring 40th Birthday Messages to Celebrate a Milestone

Some people may see hitting 40 as the start of getting old, we don't agree and think that 40 is a time to celebrate and have a good time! We put together this great list of 40th birthday messages for you to send to someone who has reached this great milestone in life. 40th birthday quotes vary from funny to complimentary so you'll find one for your friend or family member and know they'll love what you send them! 40th birthday wishes are always appreciated and for those not close you can send them online as well.

40th Birthday Messages

  • As you enter your forties, think of things from a different perspective. The word forties breaks down into 4 T's: Terrific Tremendous and Totally Top-Notch!

  • May wonderful things and special people surround you so that you know you are really adored on your birthday! Happy 40th Birthday!

  • 40 is totally funky now. Our ancestors would be so proud at how cool we've made it! Happy 40th Birthday!

  • You are 40. 40 is such a nice age. 40 is when you are no longer a kid or someone under 40, but a full fledged 40-year-old...the big 4-0, four-zero...Let me guess, you wish I would stop saying "40"? You know, 40 years old just aren't that accepting of other's opinions. It's probably because they're 40!!

  • Remember how you had fab times in your teens? On your 40th birthday, pull out some of those album thingies. They don't really make anything to play them on anymore, but looking at them should be a lot of fun, right?!

  • I know for some people, the "F" word is very offensive. I might be offended by the "F" word too if someone kept repeating it to me over and over and Forty, forty, forty!!! F-o-r-t-y! For-ty! That wasn't too bad...but then again...I'm not...FORTY like you!!!

  • 40 is like bankruptcy. Boobs...gone. Waist...gone. Neck...gone. You may feel like you have to rebuild yourself after you lose everything. Happy 40th Birthday!

  • I wanted to have a very special toast in honor of you today...I'm doing wheat bread with prune jam. That's about as wild as 40-year-olds can expect to get! Happy 40 Birthday!

  • Every year you get more beautiful, more wonderful, and more special. I guess you're really growing on me! Happy 40th Birthday!

  • A special year is ahead for you as you cross over into an age when you can be you, regardless of what others think. You're not a kid and you're not an old fogey. You're simply 40 and that's simply marvelous! Happy birthday!

  • Turning 40 gets a lot easier once you've...turned 50! You'll appreciate it a lot more then! Happy 40th Birthday

  • Hope you like this original song that I've composed for you: Getting old, getting old, that is what you are. Getting old, getting old, hardy har har! (Hey, isn't it totally you!?!)

  • Some kind of way, your problems start to flatten out and things seem a lot lighter on you...much like your boobies. Happy 40th Birthday!

  • Hey wake up! It's your birthday. Oh, yeah...forgot that you 40-year-olds need to get your afternoon naps. Happy Birthday!

  • May your 40th birthday be an awesome mix of love, friendship, and happy memories! Happy Birthday!

  • Everything seems to change when you turn the big 4-0...Magazines start printing everything in microscopic fonts, the fashion industry starts making everything smaller, and every radio station plays every song 100 times louder!

  • You know you're old when you hear a "new" hit song and it's so horrible, you could swear your ears are bleeding. Can you say, 40-year...OLD!?

  • 40 seems to sneak up on you like BLAM 4-0! It's a day that will not easily be forgotten. Happy Birthday!

  • Another 10 years down...and 40 is here. It's a perfect time for looking forward to some new and exciting things! Happy Birthday!

Celebrate the fabulous milestone of turning 40 with our collection of inspiring birthday messages. The 40th birthday is a momentous occasion that signifies a life filled with experiences, accomplishments, and wisdom. Find the perfect words to make their 40th birthday unforgettable and convey love, admiration, and best wishes as they embrace this new chapter. Our carefully crafted 40th birthday messages capture the essence of this milestone, celebrating their achievements, resilience, and the limitless possibilities ahead. Explore our selection at and create a celebration that honors their journey and the amazing person they've become.

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