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Loving Birthday Messages for Dad - Celebrate Your Hero and Role Model

Dad's aren't always as open as mom's and as such it can be really hard to know what to say to them, especially on their birthday when they may not want a fuss making. Go simple and use one of these happy birthday messages for dad and put it on the card you get for him, he may not react in a big way but he is sure to take the words to heart. Birthday wishes for dad are important and birthday quotes for dad can make him feel wanted and lighten the mood on his happy day.

Birthday Messages For Dad

  • Today, we are celebrating everything that you do and everything that you are. It's your special day! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • You've give me the best possible things in life. You've given me a bit of yourself and all that you have to offer. You've been the best father ever! Thank you, Daddy! Happy Birthday

  • We both wanted to say, "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" May your day be extraordinary...just like you!

  • This family would definitely not be the same without you! Thanks for all that you do. Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • May your birthday be the best...just like you! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  • I can always count on you, Dad. You have gone above and beyond to make my life wonderful. Today, I honor you and let you know, you are so loved and greatly appreciated. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  • You're a legendary all-time super hero of a dad...a top notch, amazingly phenomenal dad. Know what...You ARE THE MAN!! Happy Birthday!

  • Sometimes when I'm thinking...I hear your voice. You are so much a part of who I am. Happy Birthday!

  • I could say so much more about you being a fantastic dad. But I'll limit my words to this card, but I will say...You're Totally Rad!! Happy Birthday!

  • Nobody better...than my dad! Happy Birthday!

  • Daddy, you will forever be a big part of our hearts. It's because you have always been there for us and you have always done everything that you can to give our lives meaning. We are really blessed to have you! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  • Your birthday should be a day of fun, excitement, and a lot of hoopla! You deserve it, Dad! Happy Birthday

  • Nobody's daddy is as good as mine. Nobody's daddy is as great as mine. Nobody's daddy is anything like mine! I got the best one out of the bunch! Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you

  • The times I've spent with you have been some of the most important times of my life. You mean the world to me, Dad! Happy Birthday!

  • If it weren't for you, Dad...think of all of the stupid things I would have done if I didn't follow your sound advice..."Don't be stupid!" True words of wisdom...Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • Life is just like you said, Dad. Everything I'll ever need in life...I'll probably find right in your fridge or tool box! Thanks for teaching me well! Happy Birthday!

  • Wonderful thoughts, precious moments, and a whole day's load of joy for your birthday, Dad! Nothing less will do!

  • Nobody's dad is as great as mine...and I mean...NOBODY'S! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • You are so worthy and deserving of everything we can give you. Both of us agree that there may be other things that we could do, We wanted to take this time to wish the most amazing birthday for you! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • Have your cake, pie, and mousse today. Aren't birthdays about enjoying all of life's sweetest things?! Happy Birthday to my Sweet Dad!

  • Along with birthday wishes, I'm sending birthday hopes, dreams, and the happiest moments that life can give you! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • If I could turn my love for you into a soda, Dad, it would fizz and bubble all out as soon as you flipped my lid! I really do love you THAT MUCH! Happy Birthday!

  • Every time that I think back to my life with you, Dad, I get a warm feeling inside. You have always been a perfect example, a perfect father, and a perfect guy. Nobody even comes close! Thanks for being who you are! Happy Birthday!

  • I still don't know how you do it. Watching you do it has always amazed me. How in the world can you just drop off to sleep like that? That's really a gift! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • Whenever I need to do the things you taught me, I always remember what you said..."Being Daddy's baby means Daddy will always help"! Thanks!! Happy Birthday!

  • Dads like you are the oil that keeps the world moving smoothly! You taught me that. See...I was paying attention! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  • I would buy you the fastest car on the planet if I could. I can't afford, I bought you this pocket sized replica instead! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • We love you, Dad! May your birthday be a day that you can take full of advantage of. May it be comfortable, serene, and totally void of stress! You deserve it, Big Guy! Happy Birthday

  • You mean the world to the two of us and we just wanted to let you know it. You are the best dad ever and we are so happy to have you! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • I love being your grilling partner. It's been my favorite job ever since I was old enough to hold your apron! Happy Birthday!

  • In the game of life, you never know what you'll get. I really lucked up and beat out everybody when I got you for a dad! Cheers!! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • You always encourage me, Dad. Whether it was the gift of a few simple words, a big bear hug, or just a big wad of sure know what you're doing! Happy Birthday!

  • I know a thing or two about great fathers. I do have one, you know! Thanks for being the best father a kid could be lucky enough to get!! Happy Birthday, Dad!

  • Your job as dad is so important. Who else will let a kid like me ride on his back like a horse and bounce on his lap like a jumping bean?!? I'm glad I have you! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  • Imagine getting a perfect birthday card from your perfect child. HA! Nice dreaming!! Instead, you get this wise cracking card from me! Happy Birthday!

  • They say kids can make you have many hair raising experiences. Since yours seems to have fallen out, I think I might not be doing my job as effectively as I can! Happy Birthday!

  • I am forever "Daddy's girl". That's my title, that's my job...that's my life! I love you, Daddy! Happy Birthday!

  • Life has always been balanced because of you, Dad. Whether you were telling jokes while we washed dishes, giving me a pat on the back to reassure me right after I didn't make the best decision, or just giving me a great big hug to let me know that mistakes happen, but love is always there to help me get through. Happy Birthday to the Best Father EVER!

  • They say that dads greatly influence what a child becomes. I am what YOU made me! Nice going. Happy Birthday!

  • Birthdays are good like you. I'm not a poet or anything, Dad, but I do try to express myself. There's a lot of love in those few words! Happy Birthday!

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