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Many of you want to use a feminine style of writing when sending a birthday message to a woman so we have created this set of girl birthday messages for you to use, free of charge on this site. Whether you add the message to an email or send from here via an SMS you'll find girl birthday quotes to be of great quality and well thought out, making them ideal to send to a lady. Girl birthday wishes in this collection can be set as favorites or you can see how people have rated them before using them and deciding which to use.

Girl Birthday Messages

  • Happy Birthday To A Super Girl That's Sweet! May Your Birthday Be Full Of Happiness and Treats!

  • Not everyone can be a you! Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday will be the talk of the town. It will be a day of happiness, fun times, and smiles!

  • Let the good times roll! Today is your day! Happy Birthday!

  • For a perfect little princess you deserve nothing less than a birthday that's filled with happiness! Happy Birthday, Princess!

  • A birthday is even better when it has some "kick" to it!

  • There are so much that I could say about the super qualities of a girl. But, honestly you top them all because you are simply out of this world! Happy Birthday!

  • A wonderful girl like you should have a wonderful birthday too!

  • You sure know how to make a birthday look great!

  • Best day ever! That's what you deserve for your special birthday!

  • When you wish upon a star, your birthday wishes are no longer far. They're right there waiting just for you, with each star twinkling a "Happy Birthday", too!

  • Party hats, silly songs, fairies flying by. That's what a perfect birthday would be for you in a far off dream land in the sky! Hope your birthday is just dreamy!!

  • If anyone has ever been a Sweetie Queen, it would have to be you! Happy Birthday!

  • Being a girl is a great thing to be. They're cute and they're happy and as fun as can be. Happy Birthday!

  • Bring on the ice cream. Bring on the cake. Bring on the fun games just for you! It's time to celebrate the birthday of a special girl...Happy Birthday To You!

  • You're the birthday girl today and celebrate is what we will do. We'll all gather around the table to sing, Happy Birthday just to you!

  • A world of dreams await you and a new year of happy thoughts, too. May your birthday be the perfect time for all your wishes to come true! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be yummy to your tummy! Happy Birthday!

  • A Happy Birthday Recipe I've made especially for you, add sweetness, fun games, ice cream, and lots of cake too. Happy Birthday!

  • I hope that today you spend your time doing what you like. It's your birthday, it should be a day about you. Happy Birthday to the most precious and busiest little girl that I know!

  • You're a natural beauty. From your sun shiny head to your sweet little toes. You're a wonderful girl that everyone knows! Happy Birthday To You!

  • Another birthday means a whole new opportunity to do some really cool stuff! Happy Birthday To Cool Little You!

  • Grab a hold of some positively puppy packed partying!

  • Dance the day away on your extra wonderful birthday!

  • Precious little girls love perfectly awesome birthdays. Don't they? Of course you do!! Happy Birthday, Precious!

  • Funny, silly, pretty, cute, wonderful, fantastic...For a birthday girl that's who! Happy Birthday!

  • You are such a cutie patootie! Happy Birthday!

  • I am wishing you a birthday that has plenty of your pals, lots of happy moments, and everything wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  • Hope your birthday is a dress twirlin' good time! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday girl, birthday, Hope your birthday's the best a-meow! Happy Purrr-thday!

  • Get out and have a blast. It's your birthday, so make the fun last and last! Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday will be moment after moment of great and happy times. Happy Birthday to you to a girl that's sweet and kind.

  • Make your birthday a sunshiny one!

  • We wanted to be sure to get you the exact ice cream that you wanted for your birthday. How does super-dooper-yummy-gummy-sweetie-treatie sound?

  • You are the most wonderful and totally fab girl that I know. You're just like a favorite holiday! Happy Birthday!

  • I'm so glad that we don't let boys define us. We totally define ourselves as super cute boy magnets. Happy Birthday, BFF!

  • Birthday wishes on this magnificent day....happy times and wonderful friends to pass the time away. Hip Hip Hooray! It's your birthday!

  • Playing is a very important part of having birthday fun. So, get out, get busy, jump, thump, and run! Happy Birthday!

  • Everybody knows your birthday is special...because it's all about super special you! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday wishes for the most awesome birthday ever....just for you!

  • Birthday for you. Isn't that just wonderful!

Celebrate your daughter's birthday with our collection of sweet and inspirational birthday messages for girl. From adorable and affectionate wishes to empowering and uplifting notes, find the perfect words to make your daughter's special day even more magical. Show your love and admiration for your daughter's uniqueness, strength, and growth with our carefully crafted girl birthday messages. Explore our selection at and create a celebration that is filled with love, inspiration, and cherished moments as you honor your daughter's birthday.

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